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Nelson Ranger. Exuma Photographer

weddings by Alexander
Nelson Alexander Ranger, the owner of IMAGES by Alexander, Exuma’s best known photographer, is also a strong voice and advocate of positive actions that  effect the Out Islands of The Bahamas and Exuma in particular. His Facebook page is avidly followed with great interest by over 5,000 viewers, many of whom live on our island paradise.
weddings by Alexander
Born in Hatchett Bay Eleuthera, he moved with his parents to Exuma as a youngster and grew up in The Ferry settlement on Little Exuma.
After leaving school he started as an interior designer in Nassau, while spending as much time as possible on the golf course perfecting his new interest in golf.  By the age of 19 he won his first tournament as an amateur and set his sights on a golf career.
Nelson A Ranger
With the help of a scholarship from the Lyford Foundation and The Bahamas Golf Federation, Nelson studied at the Golf Academy and got a job at the prestigious Butch Harman Golf Academy with locations in Las Vegas and Freeport . Like all newbies, he started at the bottom rung, hand washing 1000s of golf balls each morning ready for the future stars to work on their game.
Nelson’s career, and his game, flourished, and took him to many prestigious clubs, like the Commonwealth Club in Virginia where he was Director of Instructions for 5 golf courses, the Ocean Club in Nassau, The Maddison Club in Palm Springs, Gozzer Ranch in Idaho, Yellow Stone Club in Montana and the Country Hills Club in Chicago where he worked in a total of 5 different states as a Golf Professional/ Director of Golf Operations. Eventually he returned to his Bahama roots and settled at The Four Seasons course here in Exuma as the Golf Director.
Exuma bride
To give back for receiving so much, Nelson created the Nelson A. Ranger Scholarship Fund in Memory of Andrew and Kerry Bowe who introduced him to golf. This fund has assisted 11 Exumian high school graduates to college over the last 10 years that they have been functioning. He runs bi-weekly Golf and Tennis camps for kids 7-17, offers academic awards to encourage more educational excellence, host an annual Golf, Tennis, Reading, Music and Music camp as well as sponsor the annual Spelling Bee.
teaching golf
Throughout his golfing career Nelson had developed an interest in landscape photography, specializing in golf course landscapes.
The event that spurred his current career as professional photographer was the birth of his daughter Denell. He wanted a photographic record of her life, an interest that still inspires him today some 30 years later. Before long he was getting requests from family and friends to record their children, their daily events, their weddings. And so it grew to where he is today. Flitting from Exuma to other Bahamian islands, to the US, to photograph some of his old golfing buddies, to receiving bookings for celebs, sometimes not even knowing who it is till he arrives. For example the time he was hired to film the wedding of the drummer for the band Queen.
weddings by Alexander
 Another time he set up his equipment and all he knew was it was a wedding. A famous celeb walks in in golf togs, introduces himself (which was hardly necessary as everybody recognized him), returns minutes later in full wedding attire,  snap, snap, snap, and the groom is back onto the golf course after a quick change.
one for the family album
So, if you have a special occasion coming up, be it a wedding, an anniversary, or just a souvenir of your vacation. I suggest you contact “IMAGES by Alexander“.
The results will be hanging on your wall for years to come.
           Congratulations Nelson, you are an inspiration to the younger generation.

Planning your Vacation…Book Direct & Save

Harbour View Exuma

Book Direct

Book Direct is simply cutting out the middlemen fees. Simple.

  • You, the guest, save money when you Book Direct
  • The Hospitality Owner saves money
  • You get better, local (not overseas) customer service
  • The Owner gets better information
  • You get personalized ideas and help with your vacation, plus support local businesses.
  • The Owners get to share their pride in their community with visitors

Hotel vs Vacation Rental? Still Book Direct?

Sometimes a hotel is the perfect way to go. Like a quick one night stopover on your way to somewhere else. But when you are coming to the Grand Circle to do the Parks and explore the endless red rock trails and all that Southwestern Utah has to offer, you are gonna need a few days.We are all about the beauty of the Vacation Rental experience.But even Hotels now are educating travelers to Book Direct. From small boutique hotels to large chains like Hilton and Marriot, from Vacation Rental owners to B&B associations, hospitality owners and managers are educating travelers about Book Direct.The Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals has asked travelers to Join The Movement

Hoteliers have joined forces with Vacation Rental owners for #BookDirectDay the first part of every February to help spread awareness through social media. Not just that one day, but every day.We understand when putting considerable $$ down on a vacation we all need assurances. Especially in this day of scammers everywhere we turn. I’m sure you have seen them on social media and the news. We all have cause for concern. So how do you plan your next vacation?

Booking Your Vacation

Most travel accommodation bookings happen in one of two ways.

– You the Traver, look online. The first 2-3 pages of Google will be one of the big OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and their paid ads, such as VRBO, Airbnb, Homeaway, etc. You find a great place to stay and book through that middleman platform.


– You do a little more research and find a great place to stay and book directly with the owner of that VR (or Vacation Rental) Property. (Go to the bottom of this page to find ideas on how to do that “little more research”!)

Let’s talk about those two differences –

Why Book Direct?

 Pricing and Payments –  Let’s get the biggie$ out the door first!


Straight up – the best price will always be when you book direct – no service fees or commission added on for the middle man!

So here is the deal on why the price varies – Airbnb and VRBO/Homeaway charges each guest a variable service fee on each booking.

  • – As owners, we can not even tell you what that service fee is going to be. They do not show us. All we know is they have “Algorithms” that determine your fee according to “the current dynamics”

logo From Airbnb Help Page: “This fee is typically under 13% of the booking subtotal. The fee varies based on a variety of booking factors and is displayed to guests during checkout before they book a reservation.”

Great. So most folks can plan on somewhere under 13% in extra service fees from Airbnb…..?

As an owner, I also pay Airbnb an additional 3-5%.

In December 2016, VRBO and HomeAway were both purchased by Expedia for 4 BILLION dollars.Now, Expedia needs to earn back that money. Open your wallet, that commission is coming from you.Prior to 2017 Owners paid a flat rate to Vrbo for listing on their site. Now owners pay a flat rate or a Pay-Per-Booking rate AND our guests get to pay a fee. Don’t know how much.logo From the Vrbo help page “How is the fee calculated? The service fee is a percentage of the total amount of the reservation, excluding taxes and refundable fees. The percentage rate may change from time to time. Generally, the higher the reservation amount, the lower the percentage of service fee.”

Great. So most folks can plan on between 6-12% in extra service fees from Vrbo…..?

As an owner, I also pay Vrbo an additional 8-9%.

Booking.com has no traveler fees, Yay! Oh wait, Booking.com charges owners a 15% commission. I promise you are paying that. Owners must add that commission to your price or they are not going to stay in business.

As an owner, I pay Booking.com 15%


– The large, OTAs will tell you that theirs is the ONLY safe way to rent a Vacation Rental.

Please rest assured, all of our Credit Card processing is safe and secure, done by Stripe or PayPal. You enter the info and submit on our easy, professional reservation software. We never see your number and only use the most secure portals.Would you rather send a check or Venmo and get a 3% discount? We can do that!Want to split your booking in two separate payments? We can do that.We have even been known to take cash at the door (gasp 😀). Whatever makes you the most comfortable. (After your initial deposit to secure your dates)

  • Owners do not receive your OTA payment until the day after you check in with Airbnb, and VRBO has recently changed to 3-7 days after you check-in instead of “at time of payment”!? (I promise this has owners on edge, yikes! What are they doing with your/my money all that time?)

Extra Fees

Most homeowners will try really hard to keep all those add-ons to a minimum. There are a few we may not have control over. Taxes or HOA resort fees are a couple. We may have some say over cleaning fees and pet fees, but for us remote hosts, we are in the hands of those good housekeepers that we want to keep.

  •   – The price advertised on the OTAs is SELDOM the price you end up with. And we owners have no control over that! They love to give you an “average” price that often includes high season and low season rates. Plus those ambiguous “Service” fees that mysteriously go up and down….
  •   – Most Short Term Vacation Rentals will charge a separate cleaning fee. Why do they do that and Hotels do not? Argh, a pain point for all of us!

Cleaning fees

Hoteliers have many rooms to keep up so can keep a full-time staff and often pay housekeeping extremely low wages and roll it into their rates. Vacation Rentals have far fewer turnovers, yet still need to keep good, reliable housekeepers.

Housekeepers in our area get $25 hr. for VRs. How long do you think it takes to REALLY clean a two-bedroom, two-bath house? I have done it many times and I promise it is NOT happening in less than four hours! My housekeeper and I pride ourselves on “Super Clean” and our reviews show it.

Can I negotiate?

If someone were to ask to negotiate the cleaning fee – as I recently saw recommended in a Washington Post article – I would just ask them which toilet they prefer not cleaned or which floor they would rather not have mopped or which sheets they don’t want washed…? It really does take that long. But still, I know how we all HATE added cleaning fees. I tried rolling it into the rate for a while, but it put my rate so much higher than all the other area properties I was not even in the competition. So I met guests halfway! My cleaner charges $100 for a turnover, I charge guests half and I pay half. Because I really do want you to have “all the way” clean! And a reasonable rate.

If you find a VR with no cleaning fee, then the owner is doing it themselves and not getting reimbursed, or have rolled into their nightly cost.

did you know  – Our tax rate includes sales tax and TRT or transient room tax. Taxes for the city, county and state. Ugh. Death and taxes…… What more can I say. The “added fee” that none of us can do anything about.


OTAs insist on all communication through their site, for your safety. I think it’s to make sure they don’t lose any of their cut of the proceeds. How does talking to me make you less safe??

What it does do, is keep me from calling you to let you know there is a real person here.It keeps you from calling me to see what are the best tours in our area, or what’s my favorite hiking trail. Communication is essential for your perfect vacation!

  • did you knowIf you send me your phone number or email address the OTA will redact/remove the number or email from the note you wrote.
  • did you know  – If you contact me on an OTA, I am bound to book you on the OTA. And I am fine with that. That is the bargain I have made with the OTA for advertising on their site. We made a deal. So please do not email me from their platform and ask to Book Direct once you see the fees. I cannot do that. I will get kicked off the platform🙁.


Some good, some bad, just educate yourself on possible scenarios. Admittedly, there are some bad owners out there. Just remember there are two sides to every story. (Spoiler: Most of those 5-star reviews, are for great hosts with lovely homes, not the VRBO corporation 😀)

My Guarantees

  • did you know – If you have a problem or a question with the home or area, It is myself, my husband or our housekeeper that will help you with every question and make sure you have everything you need. It will never be someone in a call center on the other side of the world, it will not even be someone in a nice corporate office (even if they did know the best restaurants in Exuma, and they don’t. )

  • did you know we have a basic Short term Rental agreement we both sign. You promise to treat my home nice and I promise to have everything nice as promised.
  • did you know – I will ask for a copy of your photo ID at the time you sign the rental agreement. That way I’m guaranteed you are who you say you are. And you are guaranteed someone didn’t just take your credit card and try and go on vacation with it!
  • did you know My home is not “an Airbnb” or “a VRBO”. Even if I do advertise on their site. (But sometimes they like to act like they own it, when they dictate who I may or may not rent to and under what conditions…..sheesh. I wish they would pay their share of the mortgage then….. Sorry, I digress.)

So how do you know if WE are Guaranteed owners with your best interests at heart!?

Good question. Here are some ideas – 

  • Go to  https://www.visitsouthernutah.com/ The Kane county tourism website, you will find The Western Star Bungalow and The Star Garage Studio in their listings. Call and ask to speak to Josie if you would like to ask questions about us. 1-800-SEE-KANE

  • Call Kanab city offices 435-644-2534 ask them if John and Sherene McClellan have a current business license for My Star Vacation rentals.
  • Go into Honeys Marketplace (largest grocery store) in Kanab, Ask for Susan Honey the owner, ask her about The Western Star Bungalow or The Star Garage Studio. 260 E 300 S, Kanab
  • Call me, Sherene McClellan at 435-262-6119 or
  • My husband John McClellan at 435-262-1000

We would love to answer ANY questions you might have.

Help me find a “Book Direct” property. Or, how to do that “little more research” we talked about!

teach me

  • Look for LOCAL area rental sites. Search for “whatever my destination is”, “vacation rentals” or “Book direct”. Scroll down past the OTA paid ads.
  • Search on Fee Free sites such as VacationSoup.com or Houfy.com
  • Find a place you like on an OTA, then search the name of the property or owner in search engines and social media. Savvy owners can leave you clues, but direct info is banned from the listing sites. (I had a guest recently follow my breadcrumbs to my website and saved $500 on her family’s stay!)
  • Search Local area Tourist information sites
  • I have a small list of other trusted great owners from around the world. Might spark your next great adventure! https://mystarvr.com/stays-around-the-world/

So here is a break down of “Booking your Vacation Rental Direct” Pros – 

  • Cheaper, it really is
  • More space than a hotel room for your group
  • Kitchens for meal prep if you want
  • Real owners, no middle man
  • Localized knowledge. We can recommend some AWESOME places
  • Flexible payments
  • Direct communication
  • Some of the nicest properties are not on the OTAs (Some of the great experienced hosts are fed up with OTA greed. Some of us little guys just can’t make it alone quite yet…)

You cannot replace an Owners passion with the Corporate process.

Personal passion vs corporate processCheers and Good luck when planning your next vacation, wherever you might stay! -Sherene and John

Don: “This report is so thorough and accurate that I left the dedication to Sherene and John who own “The Western Star Bungalow” intact.  The same comments and money saving advise applies equally to our rental Harbour View in Exuma.  So whether you want a vacation in Utah or Exuma or wherever, talk direct to the knowledgable, local owners to get peace of mind and savings….Book Direct and Save”

The Welcome Book

welcome to Harbour View in Exuma

As vacation rental property owners we feel a responsibility to ensure that our guests get the maximum pleasure from their vacation. But we have to draw a fine line as on-site owners between respecting our guests privacy and helping them get the most from their valued time.

When a guest arrives we are well aware that it can be overwhelming after an all day travel experience to be in a new country, a new island, new accommodation.   where to go?, what to do?, what not to do?

The answer is a “Welcome to Harbour View” book. It’s there in the lounge for them to read and benefit, as and when they are relaxed; in their own time. So when they arrive we only have to greet them and point out a few basics, such as operation of the air conditioning. How to contact us if they have a question, or are looking for local knowledge.

The Welcome book is divided into chapters.

The first chapter relates to a few house facts. Such as; our internet details. We are on a well so we appreciate guests being frugal with water.  That we recommend they use bottled water (where to get it, where to get bottles refilled) for drinking.

The second chapter is about traveling. Guests are advised to rent a car in advance of their arrival. So we remind that we drive on the left.  That they should put our phone number into their mobile phone or take one of our business cards so they can contact us if they experience a problem. Similarly they are encouraged to take the welcome book with them.

The third chapter is a comprehensive list of the many beaches that they can visit. Each beach is shown on a map with the distance from our house. So that if they set the mileometer to zero when they leave the home, their beach destination is known to be “x” kilometers away. The beach is described by size, whether there are shells,  shade or which is best protected from winds.

Pretty Molly Bay

The fourth chapter is a comprehensive list of restaurants. Again we give directions, show each on a map, and give the distance.  We also enclose a menu in order that they can get some idea of the range of costs and whether they have specialities… asian food….. Bahamian fare.  And most important, the contact phone number and which days they might close.  There is nothing worse than getting all dressed up and driving 20 minutes to find some restaurant is closed.

lobster at Santannas

The fifth chapter is a list of special excursions that are available. These range from fishing guides (bone fishing is very popular in Exuma), scuba trips, ATV guided tours, kiteboarding lessons, and of course the most popular at present is the “swimming pigs” trip. This is an all day boat trip through several of the nearby tropical islands with stops to see, feed and swim with wild pigs on a deserted island,  see and feed wild Iguanas found only in Exuma, to swim with (or not) nurse sharks, and to swim and explore Thunderball Cave, made famous in two James Bond films.  An exciting and a trip to remember. Well our book tells you who runs the trip, who to contact, how much it costs, and where to go on the big day.

Swimming Pigs

So what have I learned  from writing this story?  That I can improve my welcome book.  

I can add photos.  I can make my welcome book more interesting to my valued guests. 

In fact I think I will devote some time to making my book, not just factual and informative, but make it a coffee table book and find out how much it would cost to print and present to our guests as a thank you for staying with us.  If the improved version sits on their coffee table it could be talking point with friends and, who knows , maybe a new enquiry??

Excursions in Exuma

charter boat Exuma

One of the leading providers of adventure trips in Exuma is Out Island Explorers.  A family run business headed by Tamara and Dallas, with help from their photogenic boys, Joss and Emit.

Whether your interest is kayaking, sailing, fishing or snorkeling, Out Island have you covered.

Their kayak trips range from a daily rental trip in company with others, with a variety of start points so you can explore different areas of the famous blue waters. Next on their agenda are trips over several days. These usually follow a route through the Exuma Cays with camping each night. The most exciting trip is probably through the worlds first marine park at Waderick Wells Cay, where because of the no fishing rules, the many species of fish, turtles and lobsters are among the largest and more plentiful you are likely to see.

Out Island Explorers also run sailing trips. Their fleet of 21ft shallow draft boats can sail the leeward waters of the islands which are sheltered from the Atlantic resulting in sailing in calm seas enabling you to see through the shallow waters.
The fleet is accompanied by the Out Island staff, with camping at night and camp fire meals. Trips vary from two or three days to an extended trip to Staniel Cay with a flight back to Exuma.

Dallas and Tamara also have a 30ft power boat and will take you for a half or full day charter for either snorkeling, fishing, or a trip to an offshore island, aptly names Sandy Cay, which was the setting for many scenes in “Pirates of the Caribbean”

In addition Out Island Explorers also have a Hobie Cat for rent by the day, or the week.

So, contact Dallas and Tamara for full details and make your Exuma vacation that much more memorable while you stay at Harbour View.

Planning your Exuma Trip


Planning your  Exuma Trip?  Wondering what to expect, how to get there, what to take, how to get around.

Planning a trip to a new destination is a mixture of excitement and concern. Let me share my twenty years of experience of The Bahamas and Exuma in particular, with you, and answer the many questions that are buzzing through your brain like bees round a honey pot. Maybe checking through our list will calm your nerves, let you relax and enjoy this new adventure.

Exuma, The Island
Exuma is part of The Bahamas, located south east of Florida, and is a tropical island some 80 miles long by between 1 and 5 miles wide with the deep Atlantic Ocean on the eastern shore and the shallow sheltered water on its western coast. Famous for its blue warm waters and its friendly locals.

Exuma Map
Exuma Map

Exuma Weather
The climate of the islands is tropical with air temperatures varying from 70 degrees in January to 90 degrees in August with only 20 inches of rain per year.

weather patterns in Exuma

Hurricane Season
Exuma is subject to hurricanes. The highest risk is in September and October and rather than risk cancellations many properties close at those times. If you are traveling during those months you should give thought to taking out an insurance policy against having to cancel.  In fact you should consider whether to insure your trip, whenever you are traveling, to cover those unforeseen circumstances, like medical emergencies.

Planning your Accommodation
So planning  your Exuma trip begins with choosing your accommodation. You have a choice of staying at an all inclusive resort (adults only), hotels or rental accommodation. Resorts include Sandals, Lumina Point, St Frances Resort, all of which have their own websites. Then hotels range from Peace and Plenty, Beach Resort, Hideaways and Augusta Bay.  Then there  are many rental properties in Exuma and if you choose from the selection listed on the three major listing sites you will be paying a premium of around 20% extra. My advise would be check the newer websites that do not charge a commission, such as Houfy.com and VacationSoup.com or contact me   for  advise.

Harbour View Exuma

Planning your Flight to Exuma
Planning how to get to Exuma involves choosing the flight as there are no ferries that can get you there. So you have your accommodation sorted, now to flights. Your destination is Exuma International (GGT) and we have direct flights arriving from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Toronto, Charlotte and Nassau. For more information on flights with contact details go to our website links page.
You must also provide evidence that you have a return ticket to your country of residence.

Getting Around in Exuma
So you have your flight sorted and you know where you are staying. Next step in planning your Exuma trip is deciding how you are going to get around and explore the islands many beaches and oceanside bars and restaurants and shops.  There is no public transport in Exuma, you have the option of renting a car or relying on taxis. My advise is rent a car. I know its another expense but when you rent a car you can go where you want when you want. Sudden decision to go to a restaurant? if you have a car… off you go. No car then wait for half an hour while a taxi drives from the airport. Finished your meal?  Wait another thirty minutes for a taxi and be faced with a hefty bill. So rent a car.  For a list of providers and contact details again go to http://harborviewexuma.com./links

Planning Ahead for the Trip
So now the dates are getting closer and its time to turn to the next part of our planned trip to Exuma. We need passports for everyone, are they up to date? Do they all have at least six month between the trip and when our passports expire?
If traveling on a US, Canadian or EU passport do not need a visa to visit The Bahamas.

Planning your trip
Skitterphoto / Pixabay

If you are planning on bringing a drones to get those fabulous aerial shots, be aware that you need a license. for full details go the government website . If you do not have the license then your drone will be held at customs and you can only retrieve it as you leave.


The Bahamian Currency
Note that the currency in The Bahamas is the Bahamian dollar but you do not want to get Bahamian currency for your trip, get US dollars. The Bahamian dollar is pegged to the US dollar so the rate of exchange is 1:1.  When you pay for goods in Exuma you can pay in US dollars or Bahamian dollars, or a mixture of both, and any change may well be a mixture of both.  Just ensure that when you leave Exuma you change any Bahamian bills you may have back to US currency.

Some shops and restaurants take credit cards. Some charge a fee for the use of credit card. Some places do not take cards, so have the cash available.  There are ATMs around the island.

Packing for your Trip to Exuma

So now your vacation dates are close and you are getting ready to pack. The climate in Exuma is tropical and dress is casual.  So pack cotton and light weight linen clothes. For men shorts are OK day and evening, lightweight long pants if you are more comfortable.  The most important item is swimwear, pack plenty, you will probably spend most of your time in swimwear. Ladies take some wraps to wear over swimwear when in town or traveling, locals will not be comfortable seeing you in a bikini shopping, take wraps. Another useful item is a lightweight windproof jacket so if you go on the famous swimming pigs trip, when you get out of the water and back in the boat, you will not feel cold when the boat speeds up and you are still wet.  Pack hats for sun protection, flip flops and water shoes so you can walk across rocks at the waters edge.

If you are traveling with a partner and taking two pieces of luggage then a wise precaution would be to pack half of your clothes and half of your partners clothes in one bag and the other half in the second bag. Then if one of the bags gets delayed or lost, you both still have some clothes to wear. Whereas if you pack all yours in one bag and that bag goes missing then you will be a bit stinky by the end of the trip !

If you are traveling in the cooler months like November through February, a thin wetsuit or shortie would be good for swimming.

Northshore of Moriah Cay
Northshore of Moriah Cay


Next part of planning your Exuma trip are items other than clothes that you should consider. Are you taking your laptop? Your I Pad? or other electronics, if so don’t forget your charger or USB plugs.  The electronics in The Bahamas is 120 volt and the plugs are the same as in the US. So if traveling from Europe you will need to bring a converter plug.
Have you checked if a hair dryer is provided at your room?

Now some advise when traveling. Don’t have labels on your luggage with your home address. It has been known for thieves to spend time at airports noting the addresses on luggage then robbing the home knowing that the owners are away on vacation. Any external labels should only have your name and cell phone number. The full address should be inside the luggage.
Ladies do not take your best jewelry. It not worth the risk of losing expensive earrings on the beach. Similarly check that your wedding ring is not loose, loosing that when swimming could be a disaster. Your on vacation so use fashion jewelry.

Don’t forget that you cannot have liquids in your hand luggage, those must go in your check-in luggage.

Medicines. Packing for your trip it is easy to forget to get sufficient medication and remember to pack it. Bring your prescriptions with you. We do have a hospital and a pharmacy on island, so if you run out of your prescription medicine you could get refills.

Cell Phones in Exuma
If your cell phone does not work in Exuma you could call in at Bahamas Telephone office in George Town and purchase a local SIM card and have them fit it. Dont forget to keep the original card somewhere safe to replace it in your phone when you head home. Lastly don’t forget the charger.

Your drone will be held by customs if you do not have a license to import it. See notes above and in the government website

Importing Items into Exuma
There are some items that cannot be imported into any Bahamian island, and these restrictions may effect you if you are stay at a self catering address. No fresh fruit or vegetables. If you are bringing in meat or cheese make sure it is in its original packaging. You are allowed to import up to $100 worth of goods.

Exporting items from Exuma
If you are thinking that at the end of your trip you would like to take back some fish or lobsters then be aware there are limits to the size of catch you can export. They are: 6 pelargic fish such as mahi mahi, wahoo, king fish or tuna. 6 lobsters (during lobster season) and a maximum of 20lbs of other fish.

I trust that this information helps you have a smooth and trouble free holiday on our tropical island and that one thing you definitely take home are fond memories.

Lobster Poppers