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Deans Blue Hole

Deans Blue Hole

Deans Blue Hole is located west of Clarence Town on Long Island and Out Island Adventures or Roberts Island Adventures will take you there on a day trip from Exuma.  A blue hole is an underwater sinkhole caused by rainwater sinking through limestone and also the chemical reaction when salt water and rainwater meet.

There are many blue holes in The Bahamas, several in Exuma. The easiest to see are one in the “hurricane holes” on Stocking Island and a second off the coast of Crab Cay. When you snorkel over a blue hole you can see to considerable depth and are guaranteed to see many fish of all sizes. If you are scuba certified then spend a day with Dive Exuma and explore inside a blue hole, a once in a lifetime experience.

Deans Blue Hole

Deans Blue Hole is famous as the second largest blue hole in The World at 663 feet deep. Because is is close to the beach and protected by surrounding rocks, it is almost always calm and so a perfect spot to snorkel over and see rays, turtles, snappers, tarpon and many other colorful tropical fish. Near the surface the blue hole is around 82 to 115 feet diameter, although at 66 feet down it widens to a 330 feet

Since 2008 Deans Blue Hole has been the location of an annual international free diving event called Vertical Blue.  Started by a world famous free diver, William Trubridge from New Zealand, this event has grown year by year and now includes several different forms.  The most famous and original free diving event involves a diver in a skinsuit, no scuba tanks, no fins, taking one breath and swimming down as far as they can and then returning to the surface unaided.  The winner is the one who reached the greatest depth.  Not a sport for the faint hearted !!

Free Diving

Variations of the basic free dive involve adding a fin to your feet, usually a monofin. Another variation is add a weight belt which helps the descent ( but not the ascent).
Then there is the machine aided where a devise takes you down and back but still on one breath.

The purists, free diving with no fins or aids, have reached depths of 400 feet ( height of a 40 story building !) and exceeded 4 minutes below on one breath.

We at Harbour View would love to host your trip to Exuma, and we can organize a trip to Deans Blue Hole.

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