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Exuma's Beaches

Pretty Molly Bay

Of all Exuma’s beaches, one of our favorites, located on the North shore of Little Exuma 1.2km from the bridge. This horseshoe shaped soft sand beach is about 500 yards long and protected on both ends by rocky outcrops which provides excellant protection on a windy day.

Pretty Molly Bay
pretty molly bay 2
pretty molly bay beach Exuma

Tropic Of Cancer Beach

Probably of all Exuma’s beaches the best known beach in Exuma. Located on Little Exuma about 15km from the bridge, follow the sign for Percy Road. One of the longest beaches at a mile long. Soft sand, this is a popular location for beach weddings

Tropic Breeze Beach

Located directly below the popular restaurant on Little Exuma. A narrow sandy beach with an interesting offshore reef well worth exploring when the sea is calm

CocoPlum Beach

One of Exuma’s beaches that is located on the Northshore on Great Exuma, follow the Queens Highway West through Steventon then turn right about 3 miles on. This beautiful long beach is well protected by offshore islands and has a reputation for finding sand dollars

Hoopers Bay Beach

Located 4 km west of GeorgeTown (look for the “Beach” sign on the right). A beautiful and well protected soft sand beach. Walk to the East to the wooden docks and there you will find turtles

Chat N Chill Beach

Located on Stocking Island. Get the water taxi or rent a boat from Minns Water Sports. The beach is a popular meeting place, especially at weekends, with the benefit of resident Sting Rays

Steventon Beach

Travel West to Steventon and stop at Big D’s Restaurant and while there explore this fabulous beach

beach scene

Moriah Harbour Cay (our favorite !)

Of all Exuma’s beaches this is our  favorite ! This deserted island has been designated as a marine reserve and extends to over 13,000 acres. Its shoreline has numerous bays, some over a mile long, others of only a few hundred yards. On the western end the cut between Moriah Cay and Man O War Cay has a strong current as the tide runs so let the tide carry you parallel to the shore while you relax. For the adventurous, take a shoreline walk from the lagoon towards the North East where there are more bays, some where the Ocean gushes into a sandy bay.

Our favorite location to spend an hour or an entire day. Take one of our kayaks and explore. 

Moriah Cay Beach (north side)
Moriah Cay east side)

Man O' War Cay

Off the Northshore of Hartswell a short kayak paddle from Harbour View

Jolly Hall Beach

Forbes Hill Beach

Forbes Hill Beach

I could add more beach pictures but I think you would prefer to find them for yourself…..come on down to Exuma.