Harbor View Vacation Rental in Exuma

Kayaking in Exuma

Kayaking in Exuma is one of the most satisfying way of exploring islands and their shallow surroundings. 

At Harbour View we have two 2 person kayaks for you to enjoy. From our dock it is a 10 minute paddle across the sheltered waters to reach the large deserted island of Moriah Cay. You can either anchor the kayak and explore on foot or paddle around the coastline. For the really fit, on a calm day it would be possible to circumnavigate the entire island, but check the map in the apartment before setting off, so you have a mental picture of what you are setting out to achieve.

Alternatively you could paddle around the lake that is in the center of the island. When doing that be aware of the state of the tide, you do not want to be paddling into the lagoon if the tide is dropping or you could become stranded.

Check out the attached video below. The route these folks took is an adventure for fit kayakers, go from Moriah Cay on an outgoing tide, relax and rest at the Ocean, then kayak home as the tide comes in

If you wish to join a guided kayak tour for a half day or a full day, then contact Out Island Explorers