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Peace & Plenty Hotel
Exuma History
While in Exuma you may hear the expression “generation land”. This land originally belonged to rich families who previously lived
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Smitties pharmacy
A List of Pharmacies in Exuma
This blog will not take me long to write. Why?  Because we only have one pharmacy in Exuma and that
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Mom's Bakery
I Found The Best Bakery in Exuma
I found the best bakery in Exuma is without a doubt Mom’s Bakery in WilliamsTown in Little Exuma. “Mom” is
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New Years Day “Junkanoo”
MONDAY, JAN. 1, 2018 5:30pm – 12:00am Junkanoo is the National Festival of the Bahamas; it represents our roots and
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Yoga in Exuma
Need A Yoga Fix in Exuma
If you are looking for a massage to destress during your vacation in Exuma, or you are interested in a
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Conde Nest say Bahamas is number 2 on their bucket list
Conde Nast has just rated The Bahamas as number TWO on their “Best Places to Visit” list. Since the number
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St Frances Restaurant
The Best Burgers in Exuma
This is a tough one! There are many contenders for this title, and who holds the victory cup this week
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fried snapper
Traditional Foods You Can Find in Exuma
Historically Bahamian food obviously relied on what could be grown or found locally, so fish played a vital part in
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Rusty Anchor Restaurant
A Romantic Evening in Exuma
When guests ask where they should go to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday, my first answer is “It all
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Best Lobster Meal in Exuma
This is a tough one. Many restaurants will provide you with an excellent lobster meal, but I guess my favorite
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