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Investment Souvenirs from Exuma
By investment souvenirs from Exuma I am referring to money you may spend while on vacation here in Exuma that
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Scoops Ice Cream
Ice Cream in Exuma
We have a new budding entrepreneur in Exuma. The young lady’s name is Dominique and she is working hard to
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Exuma’s Valued Souvenirs
In previous stories I told you about “free” souvenirs you can take home as mementos of your vacation in Exuma,
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Getting married in Exuma
Weddings in Exuma
Beach wedding are becoming more and more popular and Exuma is a perfect location to say “I do”.  So let
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The Salt Beacon in Little Exuma
The Salt Flats in Exuma
The salt flats in Exuma are located near Williamstown on Little Exuma. For thousands of years salt was an essential
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Splash Restaurant
The Best Pizza Place in Exuma
And the first prize goes to…… (drum roll)… “Splash Restaurant” !! The best pizza in Exuma resides in this popular
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Ladies of the straw market
Souvenirs of Exuma: low cost
There is a new building just completed in the center of George Town. Its our new straw market where local
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Souvenirs of Exuma: For Free
Don’t we all have souvenirs of past vacations in our homes?  Be it a tee shirt or a shell, we
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The night sky
The Night Sky in Exuma
One of the advantages of living away from a big city with the bright lights is the ability to appreciate
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A Great Place For Snorkeling in Exuma
One of my favorite locations for snorkeling in Exuma is in Elizabeth Harbour.  To be more precise the exact spot
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