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Where to Eat in Exuma

Where to eat in Exuma. Great Exuma and Little Exuma have an extensive array of Restaurants. Sufficient for you to eat out every night at a different location for over two weeks. They vary in style from beachside shacks to high end luxury settings with five star gourmet fare. Below is a list in no particular order:

Restaurants in Exuma

Exuma restaurant map

Where to eat in Exuma is one question we are always asked. One of the most important parts of any vacation must be sampling the local cuisine, especially when traveling in a foreign land. Great Exuma and its sister island Little Exuma are no exception to this important aspect of your vacation and our dining page is intended to provide you with a guide to the local and international fare that is there to tickle your taste buds.

Santanna's Beachside Bar & Grill

Santanna's Bar and Grill

One of the most popular restaurants in Exuma is Santanna’s. On the Northshore in Williamstown at the Eastern end of Little Exuma. Dee has a great reputation for her rich sea food and her smiling personality. Ask to see her picture album of the stars of Pirates of the Caribbean, who would eat here at the end of a day filming on nearby Sandy Cay. Dee’s menu specializes in freshly caught fish and lobster caught by her fisherman husband Edgar. If you are there at around 6 you may see them feed the food scraps into the ocean and watch the sharks in a feeding frenzy.   The restaurant is open Tuesdays to Saturdays and serves until 6pm.  It’s always best to phone first at 345 4102.

Then pop next door to meet her mother who still bakes at Mums Bakery despite her senior years

Santanna's Restaurant Exuma

Tropic Breeze

dining at tropic breeze

Where to eat in Exuma? The answer must include Tropic Breeze.  Kristont, the owner and chef of Tropic Breeze is a professionally trained chef and his food demonstrates his unique skills. Located directly overlooking the beach in a beautiful setting in Williamstown on Little Exuma. Because your host is a popular chef, often booked for private functions, we recommend you phone to book on 336 3800.

Chat N Chill

On Stocking Island on a beautiful soft sand beach is Chat N Chill. Open daily from 11am until 7pm. owned and operated by K.B. (Kenneth Bowe).  Famous for the pig roast every Sunday when the beach gets crowded. Also has a conch salad bar, a local delicacy, and the left over scraps are what keeps a family of very tame Sting Rays offshore. Get the water taxi from George Town dock.   504 5100.

Chat N CHill Restaurant Exuma

Big D's Bar and Grill

Big Dee's Restaurant Exuma

Located  on the beach at Steventon. Renown for Daren’s conch salad. 358 0059.

Big D's Restaurant Exuma

Lumina Point

Lumina Point

Lumina Point is one of the newer restaurants in Exuma, located on Stocking Island and overlooking Elizabeth Harbour and part of a resort. Get the water taxi as your designated driver to this luxury five star setting.

Lumina Point Restaurant Exuma

St Frances Restaurant

St Francis restaurant

Located on Stocking Island and overlooking Elizabeth Harbour. One of the best Cracked Conch dishes in Exuma. Open daily from noon. 557 9629


St Francis restaurant Exuma

Augusta Bay

Augusta Bay Restaurant Exuma

Located on the southshore of Elizabeth Harbour about one mile from George Town. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 336 2251

Splash Restaurant

Located on the southside of Elizabeth Harbour about a mile west of George Town and part of Palm Bay .
Restaurant is a sports bar and includes a pool table. Their pizza is recommended. 336 3587

Splash restaurant Exuma

Shirleys Bar and Grill at Fish Shacks

One of the  Fish Shacks located half a mile west of George Town.  Owner Shirley has built a great reputation for excellent food at good prices. We   recommend Shirley’s as a stop on way from the airport if you are hungry.

Open from 11.30am to 9.30pm 336 3737.   Closed Thursdays

Shirleys Restaurant Exuma

Exuma Point

Exuma Point

Located by a  beautiful beach in Rolle Ville at the Western end of Exuma. Elvis and Mary Anne offer a buffet lunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Be sure to take your swim gear and ask about their trip to see their pigs. 345 6244

Exuma Point restaurant

Rusty Anchor

The Rusty Anchor is a luxury setting in the February Point development. It is open to non residents. Beautiful location on the edge of Elizabeth Harbour.  336 2400

Restaurant Exuma

Catch A Fire

Catch A Fire restaurant

Catch A Fire is located on the southside of the Exuma. Famous for the sunsets as well as its food.
Closed during 2018 for renovations.  524 8318

Exuma Beach Resort

Exuma Beach Resort
Exuma Beach Resort

The Lattitudes bar serves snacks and the hotel restaurant is open to visitors. Located on the southern shore of Elizabeth Harbour. 336 0059

Shirleys Restaurant Exuma

Palapa Grill

Palapa Grill

Palapa Grill is located at Grand Isle , adjacent to Sandals Resort some 20 minute drive North of George Town. Sit in the shade overlooking the swimming pool  and the Ocean and enjoy one of their barbecued delights. 358 5000

palapa grill Exuma

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay

On the Queens Highway just before Steventon. A beachside open restaurant by a beautiful beach. 358 5229

Exuma Blu

Blu Restaurant Exuma

Located on the edge of Elizabeth Harbour in George Town, and overlooking the marina. This restaurant has attracted a lot of positive reviews in the last year or so.  With “Rake and Scrape” music on Saturdays plus all you can eat buffet. Then sushi is on the menu on Wednesdays.   336 2579

Exuma Blu restaurant

Kermit's Airport Lounge

Kermits Restaurant Exuma

As its name implies, Kermit’s Airport Lounge is located directly opposite the departure lounge of Exuma International Airport, making it the ideal place to have that last Kalik, or something more substantial. 345 0444

Kermits Restaurant Exuma

Club Yolo Grill

Yolo Restaurant Exuma

Located at The Palms Hotel around halfway between the Airport turn and Sandals, this restaurant serves Bahamian fare. If you are into Karaoke, then arrive on Tuesday, or if BBQ is more to your liking then visit on Saturday. 358 4040

Yolo Restaurant Exuma

Peace and Plenty

Peace and Plenty Restaurant Exuma

The Peace and Plenty is the oldest hotel in Exuma and located in George Town.
The restaurant is open to non residents for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 336 2551

Peace & Plenty Restaurant Exuma

Driftwood Cafe & Pizza

Driftwood Cafe Exuma

Centrally located in George Town this cafe opens at 8a.m in  the morning and closes by 6pm Monday to Saturday. Later in 2019 they intend to stay open later to 9 pm and specialize with pizzas.
Their specialities are pizzas, Empanadas, coffees and teas with indoor and outdoor seating. 336 3800

driftwood cafe sandwich Exuma

Shoreline Restaurant

Shoreline Restaurant Exuma

Shoreline is located at the western end of Exuma at Rolleville by the beach add offers mainly fish and Bahamian fare.
345 6201

Shoreline Restaurant Exuma

So, there you have a comprehensive list of restaurants in Great Exuma and Little Exuma.  If you know of one that I have missed, or important information that will help visitors, let me know and I will get it added. Just drop me a line using the contact form. Thank you.

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