Harbor View Vacation Rental in Exuma

The most popular all day boat trip is the Exuma  swimming pigs trip which usually starts early with a pick-up from George Town and a drive West to Barre Terre. Here to board your excursion boat and the trip of a lifetime begins. Different operators have different systems and their boat will not always be in the same place. So check carefully to be sure where you have to be to get aboard.

For the first hour you weave your way through some of the offshore islands, or Cays, as they are called in The Bahamas, some of these Cays have been purchased by stars like David Copperfield, Tim McGraw, Jonny Depp, and others.

 One stop will be at Big Major Cay, a Cay where the only inhabitants are wild pigs. As your boat approaches the shore and prepares to anchor, the pigs will swim out to greet you hoping to  get fed. Get in the water and pet these creatures. A word of warning: Remember, these are wild creatures, do not turn your back on them ! They are looking for food and if you don’t feed them, and you turn away they have been known to bite.

Next stop will be at a marina where you can see, or swim with, a shoal of Nurse Sharks. These large creatures, there are about 20 or more of them, are harmless and safe to swim with.  Feel their skin, it’s like sandpaper. All too soon its back on board and off to your next stop.

Somewhere on your Exuma swimming pigs trip you may stop on a sand bar where your skipper and his crew will dive for a fresh Conch. Then remove the flesh from the pretty shell,  and prepare for you the freshest conch salad you will ever experience.

Now you have a stop at another island where a restaurant is waiting to provide your lunch.

Your afternoon usually starts with your boat travellng to Staniel Cay. Here you anchor and have the opportunity to swim into Thunderball Grotto. So named  as it played an important part in a James Bond film. The grotto is a large circular cave with a hole at the top allowing light into the water below, which is full of many types of fish.

Another island, another creature. This time it’s iguanas. A type only found in the Exuma chain of islands. They love grapes.

So back aboard and hold tight as you weave your way through the islands on your return journey. You will be back at Barre Terre dock by around 4pm and board the bus to return to town where you left your rental car.

 Check the weather forecast to choose the best day, and book the Exuma swimming pigs trip …Enjoy.  Once you have booked your vacation with us we will provide you with full details on who does the trip, how to contact them, and the costs.