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Planning your Exuma Trip

Planning your Exuma Trip

Planning your  Exuma Trip?  Wondering what to expect, how to get there, what to take, how to get around.

Planning a trip to a new destination is a mixture of excitement and concern. Let me share my twenty years of experience of The Bahamas and Exuma in particular, with you, and answer the many questions that are buzzing through your brain like bees round a honey pot. Maybe checking through our list will calm your nerves, let you relax and enjoy this new adventure.

Exuma, The Island
Exuma is part of The Bahamas, located south east of Florida, and is a tropical island some 80 miles long by between 1 and 5 miles wide with the deep Atlantic Ocean on the eastern shore and the shallow sheltered water on its western coast. Famous for its blue warm waters and its friendly locals.

Exuma Map
Exuma Map

Exuma Weather
The climate of the islands is tropical with air temperatures varying from 70 degrees in January to 90 degrees in August with only 20 inches of rain per year.

weather patterns in Exuma

Hurricane Season
Exuma is subject to hurricanes. The highest risk is in September and October and rather than risk cancellations many properties close at those times. If you are traveling during those months you should give thought to taking out an insurance policy against having to cancel.  In fact you should consider whether to insure your trip, whenever you are traveling, to cover those unforeseen circumstances, like medical emergencies.

Planning your Accommodation
So planning  your Exuma trip begins with choosing your accommodation. You have a choice of staying at an all inclusive resort (adults only), hotels or rental accommodation. Resorts include Sandals, Lumina Point, St Frances Resort, all of which have their own websites. Then hotels range from Peace and Plenty, Beach Resort, Hideaways and Augusta Bay.  Then there  are many rental properties in Exuma and if you choose from the selection listed on the three major listing sites you will be paying a premium of around 20% extra. My advise would be check the newer websites that do not charge a commission, such as Houfy.com and VacationSoup.com or contact me   for  advise.

Harbour View Exuma

Planning your Flight to Exuma
Planning how to get to Exuma involves choosing the flight as there are no ferries that can get you there. So you have your accommodation sorted, now to flights. Your destination is Exuma International (GGT) and we have direct flights arriving from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Toronto, Charlotte and Nassau. For more information on flights with contact details go to our website links page.
You must also provide evidence that you have a return ticket to your country of residence.

Getting Around in Exuma
So you have your flight sorted and you know where you are staying. Next step in planning your Exuma trip is deciding how you are going to get around and explore the islands many beaches and oceanside bars and restaurants and shops.  There is no public transport in Exuma, you have the option of renting a car or relying on taxis. My advise is rent a car. I know its another expense but when you rent a car you can go where you want when you want. Sudden decision to go to a restaurant? if you have a car… off you go. No car then wait for half an hour while a taxi drives from the airport. Finished your meal?  Wait another thirty minutes for a taxi and be faced with a hefty bill. So rent a car.  For a list of providers and contact details again go to http://harborviewexuma.com./links

Planning Ahead for the Trip
So now the dates are getting closer and its time to turn to the next part of our planned trip to Exuma. We need passports for everyone, are they up to date? Do they all have at least six month between the trip and when our passports expire?
If traveling on a US, Canadian or EU passport do not need a visa to visit The Bahamas.

Planning your trip
Skitterphoto / Pixabay

If you are planning on bringing a drones to get those fabulous aerial shots, be aware that you need a license. for full details go the government website . If you do not have the license then your drone will be held at customs and you can only retrieve it as you leave.


The Bahamian Currency
Note that the currency in The Bahamas is the Bahamian dollar but you do not want to get Bahamian currency for your trip, get US dollars. The Bahamian dollar is pegged to the US dollar so the rate of exchange is 1:1.  When you pay for goods in Exuma you can pay in US dollars or Bahamian dollars, or a mixture of both, and any change may well be a mixture of both.  Just ensure that when you leave Exuma you change any Bahamian bills you may have back to US currency.

Some shops and restaurants take credit cards. Some charge a fee for the use of credit card. Some places do not take cards, so have the cash available.  There are ATMs around the island.

Packing for your Trip to Exuma

So now your vacation dates are close and you are getting ready to pack. The climate in Exuma is tropical and dress is casual.  So pack cotton and light weight linen clothes. For men shorts are OK day and evening, lightweight long pants if you are more comfortable.  The most important item is swimwear, pack plenty, you will probably spend most of your time in swimwear. Ladies take some wraps to wear over swimwear when in town or traveling, locals will not be comfortable seeing you in a bikini shopping, take wraps. Another useful item is a lightweight windproof jacket so if you go on the famous swimming pigs trip, when you get out of the water and back in the boat, you will not feel cold when the boat speeds up and you are still wet.  Pack hats for sun protection, flip flops and water shoes so you can walk across rocks at the waters edge.

If you are traveling with a partner and taking two pieces of luggage then a wise precaution would be to pack half of your clothes and half of your partners clothes in one bag and the other half in the second bag. Then if one of the bags gets delayed or lost, you both still have some clothes to wear. Whereas if you pack all yours in one bag and that bag goes missing then you will be a bit stinky by the end of the trip !

If you are traveling in the cooler months like November through February, a thin wetsuit or shortie would be good for swimming.

Northshore of Moriah Cay
Northshore of Moriah Cay


Next part of planning your Exuma trip are items other than clothes that you should consider. Are you taking your laptop? Your I Pad? or other electronics, if so don’t forget your charger or USB plugs.  The electronics in The Bahamas is 120 volt and the plugs are the same as in the US. So if traveling from Europe you will need to bring a converter plug.
Have you checked if a hair dryer is provided at your room?

Now some advise when traveling. Don’t have labels on your luggage with your home address. It has been known for thieves to spend time at airports noting the addresses on luggage then robbing the home knowing that the owners are away on vacation. Any external labels should only have your name and cell phone number. The full address should be inside the luggage.
Ladies do not take your best jewelry. It not worth the risk of losing expensive earrings on the beach. Similarly check that your wedding ring is not loose, loosing that when swimming could be a disaster. Your on vacation so use fashion jewelry.

Don’t forget that you cannot have liquids in your hand luggage, those must go in your check-in luggage.

Medicines. Packing for your trip it is easy to forget to get sufficient medication and remember to pack it. Bring your prescriptions with you. We do have a hospital and a pharmacy on island, so if you run out of your prescription medicine you could get refills.

Cell Phones in Exuma
If your cell phone does not work in Exuma you could call in at Bahamas Telephone office in George Town and purchase a local SIM card and have them fit it. Dont forget to keep the original card somewhere safe to replace it in your phone when you head home. Lastly don’t forget the charger.

Your drone will be held by customs if you do not have a license to import it. See notes above and in the government website

Importing Items into Exuma
There are some items that cannot be imported into any Bahamian island, and these restrictions may effect you if you are stay at a self catering address. No fresh fruit or vegetables. If you are bringing in meat or cheese make sure it is in its original packaging. You are allowed to import up to $100 worth of goods.

Exporting items from Exuma
If you are thinking that at the end of your trip you would like to take back some fish or lobsters then be aware there are limits to the size of catch you can export. They are: 6 pelargic fish such as mahi mahi, wahoo, king fish or tuna. 6 lobsters (during lobster season) and a maximum of 20lbs of other fish.

I trust that this information helps you have a smooth and trouble free holiday on our tropical island and that one thing you definitely take home are fond memories.

Lobster Poppers


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