Harbor View Vacation Rental in Exuma

Renting a Boat in Exuma

When you rent a boat in Exuma there are two types of boat rental available. You can rent a boat with a skipper and choose a destination for the day or half day.  Or you can rent a self-drive boat and plan your own adventure.

First lets talk about the self drive: Your source for the self drive would be Minns Water Sports based in George Town. They have a selection of boats from 15ft Boston Whaler up to a 22ft Catamaran. You can rent for a minimum of a half day, but we recommend you take one for at least a whole day.

Their efficient staff will walk you through the safety aspects, the boat operation, and the areas you can go. You will be restricted to Elizabeth Harbour but that area extends some five miles by three miles with many islands to explore, reefs to anchor by and snorkel, beaches to walk and sunbath, and restaurants to visit. Your hosts at Harbour View will be happy to point out the prime locations, and if you are not confidant about skippering a boat your host could be your skipper .

Now lets talk about your boat with skipper options.  First, be aware that this is not cheap! Boats are expensive to buy and to run so check your cost before commiting.

If you want to explore outside of Elizabeth Harbour, and travel further afield to other picturesque Cays (islands) then this the way to go. you can picnic on a deserted beach, explore Cays like Sandy Cay where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. Your hosts at Harbour View will be happy to recommend one of the several owner/operators for your dream day.