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September Weather in Exuma

September is on our doorstep and we have to be aware that this is the height of the hurricane season. This year we have Dorian knocking at our door. Fortunately this category four monster has ignored Exuma but is battering Grand Bahama and Abaco.

Northshore Moriah Cay

September is our least favorite month because we are constantly watching weather forecasts. It is for this reason that we do not accept rentals bookings. This is our month for visiting friends and family off island, while Harbour View is enclosed in hurricane shutters.

Traditionally the ambient temperature is 87 degrees but I believe that this year is considerably higher, nearer 90 during the day and dropping to 80 at night.

September is one of our wetter months with 3.5 inches which normally comes in heavy downpours over a short period of time and tends to be very local. Maybe raining in Town but not at home.

Wind averages 11.5 mph which is great for windsurfers.  If one of the hurricanes materializes then wind speed can be 150 mph or more, but not let’s dwell on that !

The good news with September is the Ocean temperature. It is a toasty 84 degrees.

Moriah Harbour Cay

So thats what we expect for September.  If you decide to spend your vacation in Exuma at this time of year I would strongly recommend you take out travel insurance, as the dreaded Hurricanes can develop quickly.

Better still, delay your vacation until November when the weather is more predictable.

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