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Coolest Beaches in Exuma

Moriah Harbour Cay

After living in Exuma for many years I am convinced the coolest beaches in Exuma are to be found on Moriah Harbour Cay.

Why do I make that claim?   Well the beaches on this deserted island are so pristine, so varied and so many, that whatever your tastes, be it exploring, be it observing the unspoiled beauty, or just laying on the soft powder sand and listening to the Ocean lapping at the shore, it’s all there on Moriah Harbour Cay.

Harbor View Exuma kayak

There is one more factor that adds to the islands charm. The difficulty of getting there. Rental boats are not permitted to travel that far. Privately owned boats either have to access the open Ocean or know how to navigate the shallows in the area known as “The Haulover”. So few visitors get to reach Moriah Harbour Cay. Consequently guests from the nearby rentals, such as Harbour View, who can paddle a kayak across the sheltered waters from Hartswell, almost always have the entire 16,800 acres to themselves.

If I have had a stressful day my favorite way to unwind is to get in a kayak, paddle for ten minutes across the flat calm Ocean on my way to Moriah Cay. Then I have tons of options;
I can walk in a clockwise direction along the edge of the water until I come to the gap between Man O War Cay and Moriah Cay and here I can float in the crystal clear blue waters and let the current take me for some distance parallel to the shore.

sandbar Exuma

Then we reach the North shore which is one long pristine soft sand beach. Here is where you unwind and forget the stresses of modern living as you watch a Ray lazily glide through the Ocean, or a tiny crab building a new nest. Now its decision time, I can either cut back across the island and return to the kayak (about a one hour total trip) or I can continue following the beach for a mile or more then head South and come to the lagoon in the center of the island. As you then walk back to the kayak you will almost certainly attract the attention of one or more of the baby sharks. Usually about 9 inches long, they are drawn by the noise you make as you walk the shallows and these inquisitive creatures will follow in the hope that you disturb a meal..
Can you imagine any better way to commune with nature?

Our Favourite Beach in Exuma

Moriah Harbour Cay Exuma

After 18 years of island living I can safely say that the number ONE tourist spot in Exuma is Moriah Harbour Cay. Why? Well for a variety of reasons. I will explain:

Moriah Harbour Cay is a 13,000 acre deserted island which The Bahamian Government has designated as a “marine park” because of its natural beauty. One of a few in the whole Country.

It is only reachable by boat or kayak, and since it is out of the area for the Minns rental fleet, plus to reach the Cay from the west involves crossing “The Haulover” , which as its name suggests is very shallow at low tide. So few visitors have access to the island (unless you rent from Harbour View or Exuma Vacation Cottages, both of which provide kayaks and are a 10 minute paddle across sheltered waters). So it is rare to see other people on Moriah Harbour Cay.

Once on the island you will find a lagoon in its center and as you walk the perimeter of the blue waters you will be visited by baby sharks, each eager to see what has stirred up the waters, they will approach until about 2 or 3 feet away then turn and disappear leaving a trail of disturbed sand. Wading birds love this  area and as the tide recedes and leaves pools, the birds will dine.

On the northside you have pristine soft sand beaches for a half mile and shallows where you find sand dollars and at low tide offshore sandbars form, allowing you to walk out for several hundred yards.

For the explorers, if you walk east you will come to rocky outcrops, then a half-moon shaped bay, walk further and another rocky outcrop followed by another private bay. This repeats several times till you reach the northern shore where the open Ocean provides an even more beautiful sandy beach.

So Moriah Cay should be high on your to-do list. deserted, soft white sand, turtles, sharks, crabs, sting rays, and exercise…what more could you want?

Coolest Beaches in Exuma

Pretty Molly Bay Exuma

All the beaches in Exuma are cool !   If I have to pick one it’s the one we send our guests to on the day they arrive. After a stressful flight with the hassles of negotiating those automated check-in robots,  then the “take your shoes off” “get rid of that drinking water” Ugh!.  So we send them off to Pretty Molly Bay, a short three minute drive away.

As they walk to the beach and the view is revealed, they start to unwind, the stresses dissolve and “Wow”. As they step onto the powder soft sand and realize that Pretty Molly Bay is, as its name implies, a bay about 400 yards with rocky outcrops at either end, and you can almost be assured that you have the beach all to yourselves.

The predominant wind, if any wind is blowing, is from the East so Pretty Molly Bay is well protected and calmer than the ocean. Relax and get your vacation mood on. Swim in the 70 degree water and snorkel along the rocky edge to see some of the resident fish.   So visit and enjoy when you come to Exuma.