Harbor View Vacation Rental in Exuma

A Romantic Evening in Exuma

When guests ask where they should go to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday, my first answer is “It all depends”.   Do they want a great meal in an beautiful restaurant, or do they prefer a more simple but good meal in a setting that shows off Exuma and gives out that warm vibe that a beach scene can provide.
If they want the former. The formal dining room in a modern enclosed setting, then I recommend a reservation at “The Rusty Anchor”.  This means a drive to February Point and from the gatehouse take the driveway down to the end.  The Rusty Anchor opened about three years ago. It is an impressive building  with an indoor and an outdoor restaurant leading down to the swimming pool and the inviting sandy beach

Rusty Anchor Restaurant

If the guest decides they want a less formal setting with a great view, then I have several options. Today I will tell you about Tropic Breeze. Located in Williamtown and run by  a professionally trained chef who serves some delicious fare with a lighter touch. Here you have a family run business in an intimate setting with amazing views of the Ocean with a small soft sand beach, best appreciated at lunchtime.

Tropic Breeze


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