Harbor View Vacation Rental in Exuma

The Colourful Carnival in Exuma

Junkanoo Exuma

This three-day event is the signature event for the destination. It is culturally packed with activities music, dance, food, and friendly competitions. Now in its 13thyear, with the theme “Cultural Diversity island by island” It is attended by thousands of visitors and Bahamians.

Starting on Thursday March 8th at Regatta Park in Exuma, an event not to be missed.

Scuba with Dive-Exuma


Dive-Exuma has been entertaining and teaching Scuba for over 16 years. Tamara would be your initial contact to make the arrangement to meet your needs. Husband Jonathon  is your dive master.

Dive-Exuma are PADI certified and run courses from , “discover scuba” for beginners, through “open water” course, to “advanced”, “rescue”, “dive master” and finally “instructor”


Their advanced water course stresses the emergency oxygen, peak performance and buoyancy control aspects of this popular sport.

They run trips out to reefs ranging in depth from 35 feet to 45 feet, the sunken tug dive between 50 and 80 feet. They have an angel fish dive and a  blue hole dive.

Contact Tamara on 242 336 2893 or info@dive-exuma.com  for more information about scuba in warm tropical waters.  www.dive-exuma.com.

Self-Drive Boats in Exuma

Minns Water Sports Exuma

If you want to rent a self-drive boat in Exuma Bahamas then you should head for Minns Water Sports.  Contact Kent or Diane, the current operators of this family owned successful long standing business. Started by Diane’s father Basil Minns, the operation now has 21 rental boats.

The smaller boats are mostly the ever popular Boston Whalers, starting at 15ft with a 60 HP outboard engine, ideal for a couple or small family. Then they have 17ft, 19ft, 20ft and finally 22ft Whaler with twin 115Hp outboards.

When you rent you are given an extensive training on how to operate, how to anchor, courtesy for others on the water and a full safety briefing on how to use the VHF radio, the buoyancy vests. Then comes the map with all the snorkeling spots, the  blue holes, the sand bars and the beaches.

Then its out to the boat with full fuel tank and on into Elizabeth Harbour. This picturesque setting extends for around 7 miles east to west and around one mile north to south. It is surrounded by Great Exuma on the southside and a string of offshore islands on the north. Fowl Cay has the best snorkeling so pick up a mooring bouy (anchoring not permitted), secure your bowline and get in the warm water and see the fish life and the colorful coral.

After toweling off we move east to see and visit the sandbar that extends off the westside of Man O War Cay at low tide. A great photo op.

Next we head to one of the options for lunch. It could be Chat ‘N Chill to see the sting rays and enjoy the pig roast. It could be St Francis for cracked conch and a visit to the Atlantic side of Stocking Island.

Hey! it’s only lunchtime. I’m going to save the rest of the day’s trip for another time. Let me give you an idea of cost for your boat rental. The one  day rental rate is from $180 to $265 depending on boat size. Those rates drop for bookings for consecutive days. There

is a refundable deposit and you pay for the fuel you have used.

There are half day rentals but you cannot book ahead, they are only for walk-ins.

We recommend our guests spend at least one day of their vacation exploring beautiful Elizabeth Harbour. It’s a treat not to be missed.

Snippets from Guest Reviews

A secret beach Exuma

We are proud to have received over 130 five star guest reviews.  While you will expect us to tell you what a wonderful vacation you can experience on the island of Great Exuma in The Bahamas, we invite you instead to check the unbiased reports that past guest have taken the trouble to write about Harbour View and Exuma. The slideshow is just a small sample, for a more in depth list go to our guest review page.

Emerald Bay Golf Course in Exuma

Emerald Bay Golf Course Exuma

Famed golfer Greg Norman designed the amazing golf course at Emerald Bay. Featured in PGA events, this 7000 yard course has the last nine holes beside the blue ocean.

A par 72 course in immaculate condition attracts visitors from around the world. The course is open to the public and can provide rental clubs, many of our guests have commented that their fondest golfing memories are from Emerald Bay here in Exuma.


Beach Weddings in Exuma

beach wedding Exuma

We have a thriving industry here in Exuma for beach weddings. If the idea of declaring your undying love on a warm sunny beach, of sharing that special moment on  soft sand  with the warm ocean water caressing your toes, then Exuma should be in your wedding plans.

We have so many locations to choose from. It could be on a secluded beach, it could be on an internationally renown golf course with the ocean in the background,  it could be on a dive boat, prior to dive on a blue hole, it could be during a jet ski trip. The options are endless.

We have professional photographers on island waiting for you call.  As are some professional wedding planners.  So it could be a large family celebration, or a quiet very meaningful day just for the bride and groom.  You can use the services of a priest or the island commission can officiate.

We at Harbour View have been known to organize the whole affair for couples staying with us. Just another service to help make your vacation one to remember for a lifetime. For some more on weddings in Exuma I invite you to check out a page on our website

Moriah Harbour Cay, Best Beach (part 2)

Moriah Harbour Cay Exuma

My last story was an explanation as to why Moriah Harbour Cay is the most interesting destination in Exuma. With a large lagoon in the center and soft sand beaches on the northern coast.

Now I would like to tell you  about the western side.  Offshore by about half a mile is Man O War Cay and the water in between is the only close gap for the tide to make it’s twice daily ebb and flow.  Consequently you can take advantage of this fast flowing Ocean by laying still in the water and you will safely and effortlessly be carried for several hundred yards. This area is one of the most popular areas for kite boarding (see videos on our kiteboarding page).

Off  the southern shore of Moriah Harbour Cay is an area of shallows that attracts bonefish aficionados. Anglers come from far and wide to try their skills catching these elusive silver fish. (for bonefishing videos taken in this area click here).

Off the eastern shores of this Cay are the mangrove forests and using our kayaks you can spend a day weaving your way north, preferably on an out going tide, till you come to the ocean, as shown in the attached picture.  Spend some time on the beach, picnic, collect shells. Then when the tide has turned, get back in the kayak and head back to Harbour View. ( click here to  visit our kayak  page.)

I could tell you more reasons why you should visit Moriah Harbour Cay but I will leave you to find out for yourself.  So visit Exuma, visit Moriah Harbour Cay.



10 Things to Do Before You Go On Vacation

Planning your trip

It’s only natural to get excited before you go on that big trip, but let me remind you of 10 things you should (or should Not) do before you leave:

  1. Complete the Post Office form to have them hold your mail; while you are working on your tan.
  2. have your news delivery service cancel your paper deliveries; while you explore beaches.
  3. Check that your luggage labels have your name and a phone number and your destination but NOT your home address, (if you see an address on luggage then you know that house is burglary hot); while you drink  that thing with umbrellas, you would never touch at home.
  4. If you are going abroad (lucky you) tell your credit card company, the one that does not charge foreign transaction fees, so they will not refuse and embarrass you  when you go to pay that enormous, all you can eat buffet charge.
  5. Assuming you are traveling with a partner, put half the clothes you are taking in one bag and half in another. Get your partner to do the same. Now if one of the two bags gets lost at least you don’t have to wear your partners clothes and look like the village idiot.
  6. If you are flying, print your boarding card at home within 24 hours of your flight time so when you get to the airport your check in will be smoother.
  7. If you are flying check into flightaware.com and check if your flight is delayed, saves sitting around at the airport listening to babies crying (yes they are on your flight)
  8. If you are lucky enough to be flying to spend time with us (yippee !) be careful that you get on the correct flight. You destination is George Town, but do you know how many George Towns there are?  You give up?  22. Our George Town is actually Exuma International.
  9. If you are flying from an airport in a foreign country be sure to have proof with you, that you have booked a future flight to your country of residence.
  10. If you fly regularly spend $100 on getting a Global Entry Card.  This can save you hours when returning as you bypass those zig-zag lines at both customs and immigration.

Now go and relax and enjoy your vacation. Have a great journey and don’t forget the sun block.


Shopping for Gifts in Exuma

Sandpiper store Exuma

When shopping for gifts in Exuma I can recommend three options.

My first recommendation would be to visit Sandpiper Gift Store in the center of George Town. Owner and manager Diane Minns has a fabulous selection of quality products for you. Diane has an extensive array of ladies wraps and beach accessories, she has a selection of quality coffee table sized  figurines, some in fibreglass and wire, a design concept I have not seen before. Sandpiper also has a wide selection of native art fired on tiles and an interesting collection of museum quality old photographs of life in The Bahamas some 50 years ago.  Then there is the ladies jewelry collection in  price ranges to suit everyone.

Sandpiper Store
Sandpiper store
sandpiper store
Just some of the items in Sandpiper Gift Store.


There are two alternative locations for gifts in Exuma. One is at Wenshua Art Gallery which I covered in a previous story and is definitely well worth a visit:  (https://harborviewexuma.com/wenshua-art-gallery-in-exuma/

Then the third alternative is The Straw Market, which is, as I write, being rebuilt so I will cover that in a future story.


Jack on beach

This may be the shortest “blog” ever as it is illegal to be nude in The Bahamas.

It does happen, usually by our more tolerant European visitors, who are encouraged by our wonderful climate, to take it all off, especially when they see how many of our world famous beaches are deserted. Thus encouraging them to skinny dip, then,….Oh oh here comes somebody, do I stay in the water?

Having said all that, I don’t think anyone has every been in legal trouble for going nude on a beach.

Now what picture do I put to this subject?