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Kiteboarding In Exuma

Kiteboarding off Moriah Harbour Cay
kitebording in Exuma

As you can see from the video these crystal blue waters are ideal for Kiteboarding. Whichever direction the wind blows these protected waters are the ideal location with soft sand beaches to relax between trips, easy access to the shallows and some deeper water offshore.

Kiteboarding combines the thrills of paragliding, wake boarding, and windsurfing, and then some. It has its own set of regattas and competitions, with records for height of jumps and speed. Currently the fastest speed verified is 57 kph and the highest jump from is an amazing 28 metres.

The Best Exuma Locations for Kiteboarding

kiteboarding Exuma

Kiteboarding, One of those sports that lends itself to a tropical island, which is why Exuma ranks highly as the perfect location to practice this sport.

Warm sheltered waters  surround the island so whichever direction the wind blows from, you can find a location that has  calm seas and good winds.

One favorite is the gap between Moriah Harbour Cay and Man O War Cay where the depths vary from zero to 10 foot, where you have soft sand beaches to relax and rest. Just across from our vacation rental.

We can happily put you in touch with the on-island professionals who are here to get you flying. Enjoy.