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The Exuma Sailing Regatta Has Started

Sailing Regatta Exuma

So the largest, most important, sailing regatta has started in Elizabeth Harbour in Exuma. Formally named the Out Island Sailing Regatta, this is the 66th annual event.

Originally intended to preserve the boat building skills of the Bahamas boat building industry.  Now it is a vital part of the tourism attractions.

Held annually in the last week of April and broken down to classes determined by boat size. The boats have 60 ft masts, way longer than one would expect from such relatively small sailboats, thus providing the opportunity to fly enormous sails.

The celebrations continue on shore where shacks have been prepared to provide local foods and drinks.

So come on down and enjoy.

Out Island Regatta in Exuma

Family Island Regatta Exuma

The Family Island  Regatta runs from April 24th to the 30th and during that time sloops from many islands will arrive on freighters at the town dock in Elizabeth Harbour on Exuma.

There are different classes for the different size boats and the results will be cumulative for races over the week. Each race is started with boats anchored and all sails on the deck. As the starters cannon fires the boats will start to up anchor and haul up the mainsail and jib. Then the race follows a triangular course, two laps extending over the length of the large harbour.

The excitement mounts as the skippers have the maximum sail area set and counterbalance the boat by the crew sitting outboard on planks extended over the side. At the turn these crew members scamper back on deck and move to the opposite side as the boat tacks.  The race is closely followed by visiting boats and now the addition of drones flying overhead.

Meanwhile on shore the crowds are either watching the races or samling the many delights at the food and liquor shacks.

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