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Investment Souvenirs from Exuma

art at Wenshua

By investment souvenirs from Exuma I am referring to money you may spend while on vacation here in Exuma that is an investment for the future, while providing you some happy memories of an unforgettable vacation.

Previously I have written about free souvenirs, about low cost souvenirs and then about quality souvenirs. Now I take you one step further by considering a purchase from Wenshua Gallery.  Contact Wendy Cartwright at her gallery  where she displays her high quality artwork that is sure to impress.  Located around halfway between George Town and the airport, and close by the AID premises in a free standing building.

As  you walk in the gallery you are immediately struck by the subdued lighting that concentrates on aiding the display of the high quality paintings and sculptures, and creates a calming ambience.

Take you time, relax and appreciate the output of  mostly Bahamian artists. So now you know about the range of souvenirs that you can obtain to help remind you of the treasured memories of a vacation in paradise….Enjoy

Art at Wenshua

Exuma’s Valued Souvenirs

Sandpiper Exuma

In previous stories I told you about “free” souvenirs you can take home as mementos of your vacation in Exuma, such as shells and sand dollars, then I told you about “low cost” souvenirs such as straw goods and shell jewelry. This time we move up on the cost scale to see what memory joggers you can purchase for a larger investment.

Exuma’s quality souvenirs immediately make me think of the Sandpiper store in George Town. This popular store, run by Diane Minns and her daughter Jessica, is very tastefully laid out with a vast selection of items to treasure and remind you of your Exuma vacation.

From quality dresses, tops and swim wear, all for tropical climes, in beautiful colors, to silver and shell jewelry  made by local artisans.  from unusual figurines made from wire and epoxy (doesn’t sound very nice but when you see it I think you will be impressed !).

One department is devoted to pottery made by Jessica, this talented lady has cups and bowls and vases. Another is devoted to book and maps, mostly related to The Bahamas.

My favorite area is partly devoted to ceramic tiles with local Bahamian character cottages and scenes of old. Then I can spend ages browsing through the selection of prints from old photographs of Bahama times gone by.

Do Not leave Exuma without a visit to Sandpiper.

Ceramic tiles in Sandpiper
Ceramic tiles in Sandpiper

Souvenirs of Exuma: low cost

Ladies of the straw market Exuma

There is a new building just completed in the center of George Town. Its our new straw market where local ladies make, display and sell their wares. These range from straw made baskets and hats to shell based jewelry, and, of course, the ever popular tee shirts emblazoned with flags and appropriate sayings.

So for low cost souvenirs I recommend you spend some time browsing their extensive selection.

A straw basket is made from the leaves of the Palm.  the leaves are pulled apart and then sown by these skillful ladies putting their handed-down knowledge.  It takes about two weeks to make this practical and attractive product and sells for around $35.

Straw Market products
Straw Market products