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Wine Tasting in Exuma

wine tasting
wine tasting

We are fortunate to have a wide choice of wines in our Exuma stores. Surprisingly, for a small tropical island, the prices are not to different from those in the US. Most wine is sent to Exuma from the Bahamian capital Nassau.

The largest selection is at Bristol Wines, a store located in a mall adjacent to Sandals Resort. Occasionally they have an open evening with wine tasting and that we make a special effort to attend.

Their selection is not just California wines, they have a wide selection from Europe,  from Australia and New Zealand and from South America.  One of our current favorites is Pinot Noire from Chile.

Bristol Wine
Bristol Wine

A Day To Remember With 4C’s Adventures

4C's Adventures

For over 5 years 4C’s Adventures’ owner Captain Pat has been running boat charters from their base at Stuart Manor. This successful entrepreneur now has a fleet of boats and their most popular tour is the all day swimming pigs trip.

This trip leaves Western Exuma around 8am and starts by weaving its way through some of the many Cays (islands) that make up the Exuma Chain. The skipper will point out the many islands owned by the rich and famous.

There are  four main stops during the day, the order will vary according to the tides, one  will be at Leaf Cay to see and feed the Iguanas. Another stop will be at Compass Cay  where you can swim with the Nurse Sharks, 20 to 30 of them, getting up close enough to feel their abrasive skin. For the faint of heart you stay on the dock and these obliging creatures will come to you.

A third stop will be at Staniel Cay where you are encouraged to swim into Thunderball Cave, made famous in a James Bond film. The cave has a hole in the top so sunlight illuminates the interior and the many fish, both big and small. The last stop is at Big Major Cay where the pigs will swim out to the boat as the crew drop the anchor. Yes pigs can swim but be careful when feeding them, those teeth are sharp.

The trip will include a stop for lunch, and you will dock back in Exuma around 4 pm. A long but rewarding trip that will provide memories and photos to remember for years to come.  We at Harbour View have been recommending 4C’s adventures for some years now and we have never had a negative response.