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The Art of Bonefishing


Every year we have many avid fishermen and fisherwomen visit Exuma to participate in their passion, the art of catching bonefish. These skittish and elusive fish are difficult to see,  their silver scales reflect the light along with the sun shining on the wavelets as they glide through the clear Ocean shallows.

There are several areas that the fishermen and their guides favor. The shallows off the coast on the Southside of Exuma extend in places as far offshore as a mile, enabling the angler to wade while searching, or use a shallow boat boat equipped with a elevated platform that the guide can stand on to get a better elevated view of the surroundings as he punts the boat slowly,  not to disturb the unsuspecting prey. Here the fish are young and stay in shoals so the angler has a better chance of getting a catch.

Then on the Northshore between Hartswell and Moriah Cay are more shallows and it is here that the larger bonefish, the adults that have adopted the solitary life, are to be found.

In order to preserve the numbers of fish, it is catch and release, and you are required to purchase a license from the Administrators office. Cost are not excessive, but once you have a license you can fish on your own or hire one of many qualified and licensed guides.

we have had professional fishing journalists stay with us at Harbour View, in fact we have their video on the “top 10” page of this website.

Created by Don