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Need A Yoga Fix in Exuma

Yoga in Exuma

If you are looking for a massage to destress during your vacation in Exuma, or you are interested in a Yoga session, then Lyn, of Exuma Yoga is the person to contact.  I had the pleasure of a talk with her recently and this what she said:
“Yoga makes me a better person. When I practice regularly, I have more patience, more understanding, more compassion, more strength, and more love to give. My hope is to help others discover this connection within themselves as well.

I had practice yoga for several years with varies instructors as well as on my own. What really hit me was the sense of peace I felt after each class. I became a certified hatha yoga teacher because I feel the need to share this with others.

I believe yoga is for EVERYONE and EVERYBODY. Yoga means ‘union’ or ‘unity’ and practicing yoga is a means of balancing and harmonizing Mind, Body and Spirit.

My intention is to work with you to develop a practice that meet your needs through a series of smooth fluid asanas and pranayamas that will provide a sense of freedom and expansiveness within that is meant to improve health and cultivate happiness.

Suggestions for modifications to poses will be presented to ensure that everyone can participate, as well as proper use of props.

We bring wellness to you in the comfort of your home, rental, hotel, or yacht. We are trained and highly personalized professionals that believe in the work we do and provide you with the best form of wellness, whether it be a massage or yoga session. Every treatment is provided with the utmost professionalism and care. Our intent is to help you relax, enjoy the sun, sand and sea, while you visit with us. We welcome the opportunity to develop an authentic and healing relationship with you.

Our services include:

  • Facials
  • Massages
  • Pedicures
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Dance
  • Zumba

Massage in Exuma

Conde Nest say Bahamas is number 2 on their bucket list

Conde Nast has just rated The Bahamas as number TWO on their “Best Places to Visit” list. Since the number ONE is a 14 hour flight and sub zero temperature (The Antarctic) I know which I would prefer.. so we are waiting for your message!?


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The Best Burgers in Exuma

St Frances Restaurant

This is a tough one! There are many contenders for this title, and who holds the victory cup this week may loose it next week.
But if forced to make a decision then my vote would go to the St Frances Restaurant over on Stocking Island and even then there is a twist; because my choice would actually be for a conch burger.
Conch used to be plentiful around the Bahamas but in recent years they have been overfished. The meat is tough so its beaten flat and then diced and made into a pattie with some onion and tomato. Cooked like a conventional burger and served with either salt or fries, I prefer sweet potato fries….Mum, I feel hungry, lets jump in the water taxi ago get a conch burger.

Traditional Foods You Can Find in Exuma

fried snapper

Historically Bahamian food obviously relied on what could be grown or found locally, so fish played a vital part in the local diet. However with the growth oof tourism and the ability to import fresh  or frozen produce has provided the ability to source from a wider range of products and cook more international dishes.
So a generation ago the diet would revolve around fish, such as snapper, grouper and lobster and of course conch. I remember a story a 50 year old Bahamian told me that as a child you did not run into the sea, you trod carefully to avoid the many live conch that littered the shallows. Now you are lucky if you can find one. Back then conch could be finely chopped and soaked in Lime  and Orange juice, (both fruits that will grow in the tropical weather), or battered flat and coated in bread crumbs and eggs and fried as conch fritters.
Traditionally the kitchen in an old Bahamian kitchen was a separate building to the main home. This was a precaution as homes were built of wood and cooking took place over an open fire, so fire hazards were high and kitchen being burnt dow was a big risk, so the kitchen was kept separate, plus you did not want the heat from cooking in the living area of your home.

fried snapper

A Romantic Evening in Exuma

When guests ask where they should go to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday, my first answer is “It all depends”.   Do they want a great meal in an beautiful restaurant, or do they prefer a more simple but good meal in a setting that shows off Exuma and gives out that warm vibe that a beach scene can provide.
If they want the former. The formal dining room in a modern enclosed setting, then I recommend a reservation at “The Rusty Anchor”.  This means a drive to February Point and from the gatehouse take the driveway down to the end.  The Rusty Anchor opened about three years ago. It is an impressive building  with an indoor and an outdoor restaurant leading down to the swimming pool and the inviting sandy beach

Rusty Anchor Restaurant

If the guest decides they want a less formal setting with a great view, then I have several options. Today I will tell you about Tropic Breeze. Located in Williamtown and run by  a professionally trained chef who serves some delicious fare with a lighter touch. Here you have a family run business in an intimate setting with amazing views of the Ocean with a small soft sand beach, best appreciated at lunchtime.

Tropic Breeze


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Best Lobster Meal in Exuma


This is a tough one. Many restaurants will provide you with an excellent lobster meal, but I guess my favorite would be at Santanna’s in Williamstown.

Why is there my favorite? Well we tend to eat out at lunchtime rather than evening time. That way we can combine a swim at one of the several beaches on the way to work up an appetite, plus have the benefit of the beautiful view and our smiling hostess.


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The Queen Conch

conch shell

The Queen Conch is a gastropod found in the marine grass off the shores of The Exumas.
Bahamians pronounce Conch..”conk”.
As they grow their spiral shaped shell grows and the inside of the shell is a beautiful pink color and very smooth, and old shells are often used as decoration.
They grow to around a foot long and are highly desired as a food source.

conch shell

The meat of the conch is tough and therefore usually battered with a wooden mallet to breakdown the fibres. Then it can be breaded and fried to make cracked conch, a Bahamian speciality.
Alternatively the raw meat is finely chopped to make conch salad. If you want to try making it here is a recipe:

        • 8 oz conch
          10 tbsp fresh lime juice


        • 5 tbsp fresh orange juice


        • 1 ripe tomato, diced


        • 1/4 cup diced onion


        • 1 cucumber peeled, seeded and diced


        • 1/2 cup bell peppers (any color), diced


        • 3 hot peppers (or jalapeno peppers), minced


      • Salt and pepper to taste


      • Method:Wash conch with a mixture of lemon, salt and water.

Clean the conch and finally chop, Add the other ingrediants, squeeze the orange juice and lime juice, refrigerate for 10 minute and serve.

conch salad 


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A Little Bit Of History in Exuma

Salt Monuments

Imagine your the captain of a sailing vessel in the Caribbean in the  1700s. You don’t have electricity on board so no refrigeration and no way to make or store ice. So how are you going to feed that mutinous crew some meat?

Two solutions to that problem. First when we were last in port we brought aboard some live sheep and a cow.  But once we slaughter the animals we have to find a way to preserve the meat, and thats where the second solution comes in, we store the meat in salt.

Next problem is where do we find salt in sufficient quantity for our needs? That brings us to The Salt Monuments. These beacons were built in a prominent Oceanfront location to indicate to passing ships that this was the place to get quantities of sea salt.

The salt was obtained by clearing an area of land that was close to the coast, had some surrounding land at a higher elevation and below the high tide line. Then as the tide rose sea water would flood the area, then dam the entryway so the water was trapped. Let nature evaporate the water and you are left with salt beds which would be raked and packaged for sale. The backbreaking job of raking, and the action of the salt on the skin, made this a most unpleasant task, which over time would cause serious sight problems from the glare of the white salt crystals.

And all to avoid a mutiny !

Come to Exuma and see our two monuments still standing after 300 years.


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The Art of Bonefishing


Every year we have many avid fishermen and fisherwomen visit Exuma to participate in their passion, the art of catching bonefish. These skittish and elusive fish are difficult to see,  their silver scales reflect the light along with the sun shining on the wavelets as they glide through the clear Ocean shallows.

There are several areas that the fishermen and their guides favor. The shallows off the coast on the Southside of Exuma extend in places as far offshore as a mile, enabling the angler to wade while searching, or use a shallow boat boat equipped with a elevated platform that the guide can stand on to get a better elevated view of the surroundings as he punts the boat slowly,  not to disturb the unsuspecting prey. Here the fish are young and stay in shoals so the angler has a better chance of getting a catch.

Then on the Northshore between Hartswell and Moriah Cay are more shallows and it is here that the larger bonefish, the adults that have adopted the solitary life, are to be found.

In order to preserve the numbers of fish, it is catch and release, and you are required to purchase a license from the Administrators office. Cost are not excessive, but once you have a license you can fish on your own or hire one of many qualified and licensed guides.

we have had professional fishing journalists stay with us at Harbour View, in fact we have their video on the “top 10” page of this website.

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