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Exuma Weather in February

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Been a lot of talk of extreme weather in both the US and Europe. So let me tell you what the weather is expected to be in Exuma in February. Our temperature should be a low of 70 at night and 80 during the day. We expect 0.6 inches rainfall. This month should see the lowest humidity of the year at 47% and the Ocean should be 76 degrees.

So still shorts and tee shirts and flip flops. Check out our website to see when you could experience Exuma’s weather

Yearly Weather Pattern in Exuma

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I am often asked what the temperature is likely to be in July. Or which is the wettest month of the year. These are questions that form part of vacation planning, so I have set out below yearly weather pattern in Exuma that I hope will provide you with the information you need to be able to relax and enjoy your vacation in Exuma, hopefully with us at Harbour View


The first yearly weather pattern I will show you is the average temperatures in Fahrenheit.

average temperatures

As you can see the Exuma temperatures rarely drop below 70 F and rarely go above 90 F. So whenever you choose to travel to this beautiful part of the tropics, Exuma has warm weather to greet you.


The next Yearly weather pattern for Exuma I will show you is the second most asked. “Does it rain much that month?” or the other question is “I was looking at the weather forecast and I see that its says 20% chance of rain”.  If you do check the forecast you often see a percentage rain chance listed.

What you need to realize is that when its says 20% chance of rain that indicates that there is a 1 in 5 chance that it will rain somewhere in the area, and if you have any experience of rain in the tropics you will know that our rain is usually short and heavy and very limited in coverage. Its not like rain in Europe where it can be gentle rain all day over a vast area. It’s a common occurrence to have a 5 minute downpour in George Town then drive home and find they have no rain at all.

So here is the yearly weather pattern in Exuma for rainfall:

yearly rainfall

Your first reaction may be to think ..avoid end of May early June.  But statistically most rain comes in short sharp local downpours so when the temperature is in the nineties you might be grateful for a cooling shower. Just don’t let the sandwiches get soggy!

As for the October hump, that is in hurricane season, so some years its three times that amount, then others it’s around zero.

Humidity Levels

The next yearly weather pattern in Exuma that I will look at is humidity. The amount of moisture in the air.

yearly humidity in Exuma

Wind Speed

The next yearly weather pattern for Exuma  illustrates why our busy season is December through May.  It also illustrates why visitors in July and August spend most of their time in the Ocean or on  a beach.  August can be the month when many Bahamians take their vacation and go off island, they become reverse snowbirds ! Fortunately the effects of the high humidity are offset by the effects of the next subject we will look at, the wind.

exuma yearly humidity

As you can see from the wind chart it is usual to have a light  breeze, usually from the East. The benefit from the breeze is to dissipate some of the heat and to deter mosquitoes.  Occasionally the wind, as shown in the chart, will get up to around the 20 mph and thats when the kite boarders and windsurfers will be in their element.

Ocean Temperatures.

The last yearly weather pattern in Exuma I  show you is another factor which is important to people on vacation. The temperature of the Ocean water.

Yearly Ocean temperatures in Exuma

I think the chart is self explanatory but I would add that if you want to spend a lot of your time in the water in January, February or December, then you would be more  comfortable is a shortie wetsuit.


So in conclusion I would stress that any time is a good time for a vacation here in Exuma. Admittedly we do have a hurricane season but the months you should take seriously are mainly September and to a lesser extent October. That is the peak time for hurricanes and I would not advise you to choose those months because it’s also the time when many businesses close for maintenance.

We have experienced nearly twenty years of delight in Exuma and we strongly recommend you add it to your bucket list. And if you do make it a reality we hope you will consider Harbour View as your base. We promise to afford you total privacy, but with the knowledge that if you havea question, or want advise, we are just a door bell away…. Welcome