Harbor View Vacation Rental in Exuma

Beautiful Stay in Exuma

Our stay at Harbour View was great. The view from the 2nd floor apartment was something you see in magazines! The unit was very clean and welcoming. Don and Gail were very friendly hosts; they were both very accommodating and willing to help us schedule trips and plan our days that we spent on the island. The weather did not accommodate for 4 of the days during our stay, but that was nothing that could have been prevented. Don and Gail offer kayaks to take over to Moriah Cay, but unfortunately that did not workout too well for my husband. Don was so gracious to take us over one day on his boat. Now the weather was not nice that day, but we were still able to comb the beach for shells and sandollars. Unfortunately, that same night Don’s boat was stolen, which was so terrible! It’s hard to believe something like that could happen to such nice people. I would highly recommend Harbour View to anyone traveling to Exuma; this place is out of the craziness of downtown Georgetown, but it is not so far away that you cannot drive into town for something to eat or to pickup groceries. I would say the only real downside is the location of a beach. If you are willing to kayak, it’s a short 15 minute trip across to Moriah Cay, but if that’s not your thing, Tropic of Cancer beach is about 20 minutes away in Little Exuma and it is probably the best beach I have ever been to. Sparsely populated, calm waves and gorgeous white sand and crystal blue waters!

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