Harbor View Vacation Rental in Exuma

Better than I could have ever dreamed!

As I hesitantly write this review, mostly b/c I don’t want the secret to be out, I am flying back to atlanta. My wife and I just spent our seventeen wedding anniversary with Don and Gail at their lovely home in Hartswell, Great Exuma, The Bahamas. First note of reflection is how nice everyone was from the grocery store clerks to the gas station attendant. The attitude of the people is genuine and sincere. The trip did start with some excitement. The first two days we went through three rental cars. The first overheated b/c of radiator leak and the second lost power steering. The folks at Thompson’s were very agreeable and even delivered a replacement each time without delay. Note to future travelers the rentals cars are Japanese models all over ten years old. Kilometers ranged from ~ 70,000 to ~ 120,000 so they’re all pretty beat up compared to us standards. Learning to instantly drive on the left was no big deal as I had feared. Lastly, on driving I’d recommend renting a Jeep as the off roads (especially to Tropic of Cancer beach) are very bad. Regarding food options. Gail and Don’s apartment provides a full size frig and cooking accessories enough to prepare meals. You do need to be creative and organized with limited kitchen space but with the use of their bbq grill we pulled off some incredible dinners. One meal was fresh (some bones included) caught Grouper sourced from the beauty parlor in George Town across from the gas station. There sits a help-yourself cooler next to the cash register plumb full of fish and lobster. The other great meal we prepared was a grade Prime cut filet mignon sourced from Prime Meats and Deli. Tasted unlike anything available in the States. Was really tender and the butchers seasoning was amazing. We did make it to the far Eastern end of the island to visit Santana’s. The lobster was cooked with some sort of sweetness maybe coconut milk? I loved it. Wife thought it was too sweet. I’d say it was the second best meal we had with the first – believe it or not – was at the airport as we were waiting for our return flight. We had beef stew with veg and baked chicken with baked mac and cheese. We did go “out” one night for dinner which will run you ~ $100+ dollars no matter where you go. We chose the newly opened resort Turquoise Bay with by far the best lobster bisque I’ve ever had. They serve it as an entrĂ©e. It’s creamy and thick enough with so much meat you can stand a spoon in it. The setting at Turquoise Bay is a South Beach Miami vibe with a spectacular swimmable grotto full of fish. Really cool. The grocery store in George Town is not a Publix so don’t expect us style choices. As a matter of fact you may or may not get bread, milk, eggs, fresh veg or other items depending on the time of day and if it’s one of the two days they get deliveries. This is where creativity, planning and knowing a few local purveyors is helpful. Also, expect to pay double for everything because of the import duties imposed. Now for the best, Don and Gail. Their knowledge is invaluable. We could have never learned so much so quickly without their guidance. They provided the perfect situation all the way around. My wife and I had our own bathrooms, we were able to cook in the room and their top level apartment is very spacious. The elevated view of Moriah Cay is beyond words or even pictures. To wake up in the morning with the screened windows wide open, to see the ocean and to hear the ocean is breathtaking. With the vaulted ceiling and many ceiling fans the ocean breeze kept us cool and comfortable. The best of the best was when Don toted us across the bay to a completely secluded, private and uninhabited island. You can walk the beach for miles. The first time we kayaked ourselves and next time b/c of choppy waters Don took us in his runabout. Either way, trip is maybe ten to fifteen minutes. If you want complete seclusion I told Don and Gail they should make this mandatory. We will go back to Exuma and stay with Don and Gail just to go back to that island. It’s as close to heaven as I’ve been. Finally, don’t go to Exuma and especially don’t stay with Don and Gail as I want it to always be available to me and my w

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