Harbor View Vacation Rental in Exuma

Exceeded My Expectations

After exploring by kayak, car, and foot, I can’t imagine a better more central location upon this quaint little island. Thank goodness for the prompt and detailed directions provided by the owners as my plane was delayed and it was getting dark. Having reserved a car, I easily picked it up at the airport, stopped by the market, and then drove the solitary highway to an obscure turn off marking my destination. A warm greeting and a quick orientation, followed by a glass of wine, a cigar, and the breath-taking stars overhead – heaven! I chose this property not only for the location and price, but also because I would be able to use the owner’s kayak – a two-seater, open Cayman model. I was able to sit and paddle hard when moving against wind or tide, or stand and use it like a paddle board when moving with the tide. Both ways allowed be great mobility in the shallow waters of the marine sanctuary which sits in view of the house. I really have no words that can capture the beauty and feelings that enveloped me while on the water. It was truly magical, and the only limits to my exploration were determined by the amount of daylight by which I could navigate. I simply didn’t want it to end. I for one love the solitude, and believe me when I say I was alone! I did make it into town a few times. I even went to Stocking Island to play some volley-ball with a bunch of boaters – the regulars of the Chat and Chill bar area. Everyone I encountered was exceedingly friendly and gracious. I made many new friends. Great Exuma is not for everyone. It’s not refined – its a little rough. It’s not fast and exciting – its lay back and simple. It’s not a clean and tidy island, but the charm shines through if you let it. If you are open to adventure, or you seek a tranquil setting from which you can rediscover nature and peace, this place is where you belong. Oh, and by the way, the cozy bed, big shower, TV / wi-fi, and the coffee maker were perfect at days end.”

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