Harbor View Vacation Rental in Exuma

Heaven on Earth

We visited the Exumas 2years ago. As we drove south we discovered the most beautiful place ever seen : Moriah Cay with its brilliant iridescent many shades of blue. At low tide you can see many sandbars you can walk on. The beaches are white and powdery, so soft as flour. Such beauty you can only find on the Bahamas, especially Exumas. But what would you need more to have a perfect vacation: The perfect accommodation!. After a long search on the internet I found the perfect location and apartment: HARBOUR VIEW VILLA IN HARTWELL. If you are looking for the best beaches, accommodation, peace and the most loving hosts : don’t search longer. Just book Harbour View Villa. You won’t regret. The house has a large terrace which can be used by the guests with breathtaking open views of the sea and the cays, really spectacular. The owner, Don and Gail, were terrific hosts, made many suggestions to ensure to make our vacation perfect. Since we could not check in directly and having parked our luggage and groceries in their court, while we enjoyed Tropical of Cancer Beach, they even carried our luggage into our apartment upstairs and put the purchased food in the refrigerator. What a gesture! From the first moment on you know that Don and Gail are special persons. When making the booking they made it very easy. You get an answer a few hours later and all information you need to prepare your trip. Don did everything he could. Of course I wanted to visit the beautiful Moriah Cay and walk its beaches. The house is situated directly across. There are 2 Kayaks available to use. It’s only short distance away from Harbour View. My problem is: I cannot really swim. So Don took us out to Moria Cay and picked us up later. He even offered to take us around Elizabeth Harbour and its surrounding islands when we rented a small boat from Minns Watersports. We had a wonderful day with Don. He showed us sea turtles and took us to Chat N Chill’s on Stocking Island. At the end he took us to Man O’ War Cay at low tide where we could walk the sandbars and find sand dollars. We cannot thank him enough. He is such a reliable friendly and helpful person you cannot find the right word to describe him. We definitely would recommend Harbour View Villa to our friends. Restaurants: Santana’s where food and ambience is excellent. We definitely will book again when visiting the Bahamas. My suggestion: Don’t search longer, just book, go and enjoy!

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