Harbor View Vacation Rental in Exuma

Trip Review

If you’re looking for excellent, reasonably priced accommodation I’d have to recommend Harbourview in Hartswell which is run by Don and Gail Amesbury. They rent out the upper floor of their two story house which has a spacious master bedroom, small kitchenette, a living room area and two bathrooms. There is a large balcony looking out onto an unforgettable view of Moriah Cay which is a protected island and absolutely worth visiting. Two kayaks are available to guests and paddling over to the island takes only a short 15 minutes or so and is well worth the effort, you’re not going to find better beaches or sandbars anywhere! What’s more is that this is a very secluded area and you’re likely going to have the entire island to yourself for the day. Shelter is limited so take hats and sunscreen with you and of course take enough food and drinks to last you. Even though there is no beach to walk to while staying at Harbourview I think that the accessibility to Moriah Cay easily makes up for this, for my wife and I this excursion is our favorite while staying here. Don and Gail have retired to the island and have lived there for many years and are incredibly helpful with any questions that might arise ranging from restaurants to car rentals and excursions. There is also a binder kept in the master bedroom with a wealth of information about the island. Incidentally because their house is fairly off the beaten track a car rental is essential, you’ll also want to visit some of the other lovely beaches on the island and having your own transport is the only way to do it. I’d also recommend renting a boat from Minns in Georgetown for at least one day as visiting Stocking Island and other surrounding areas is a must. Contacting them directly avoids the rather costly fees of the usual booking sites, you can find them at www.vacationrentalinexumabahamas.com

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