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Traditional Foods You Can Find in Exuma

Historically Bahamian food obviously relied on what could be grown or found locally, so fish played a vital part in the local diet. However with the growth oof tourism and the ability to import fresh  or frozen produce has provided the ability to source from a wider range of products and cook more international dishes.
So a generation ago the diet would revolve around fish, such as snapper, grouper and lobster and of course conch. I remember a story a 50 year old Bahamian told me that as a child you did not run into the sea, you trod carefully to avoid the many live conch that littered the shallows. Now you are lucky if you can find one. Back then conch could be finely chopped and soaked in Lime  and Orange juice, (both fruits that will grow in the tropical weather), or battered flat and coated in bread crumbs and eggs and fried as conch fritters.
Traditionally the kitchen in an old Bahamian kitchen was a separate building to the main home. This was a precaution as homes were built of wood and cooking took place over an open fire, so fire hazards were high and kitchen being burnt dow was a big risk, so the kitchen was kept separate, plus you did not want the heat from cooking in the living area of your home.

fried snapper

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